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September 27, 1999 - Grand Junction Games - Solo results

Contest date Sept 25/99:

Grade III 2/4 March 1st J.D McQuiston 2nd Jay Leasure
Strathspey & Reel 1st Jay Leasure 2nd J.D McQuiston

Grade IV
Piobaireachd Ground 1st Pat Cronkite 2nd Jean Thyfault 3rd Susan Benjamin
2/4 March 1st Desmond O'Boyle 2nd Pat Cronkite 3rd Shawn Stewart
Slow March 1st Jerry Crawford 2nd Desmond O'Boyle 3rd Pat Cronkite

Grade V 1st Mark Brady 2nd Caryn Berg 3rd Morgan Surreha

The Judge for all events was Phil Burk.

Many thanks to Rodger Cotton for these.

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