December 7, 2002
Washington Pipers' Mini Gathering #2

aIMG_6220.jpg (23742 bytes)We missed the first WPA mini of the season last month, but even a very late night for Liz (Piobaireachd club in Canada last night - 2 AM home) was not going to keep us from this one.

A great turnout, and a great venue as well. It is wonderful to see these WPA events getting better and better each time. Well organised, well run, and lots of friends to visit (I think I'll do this again)

In the photo to the left you see the main area - lots of room for the Tartan Thistle vendor setup (it is really nice of them to setup shop at each WPA event - and I do my part (ha).. I always buy something from 'em).

aIMG_6225.jpg (15733 bytes)aIMG_6226.jpg (17900 bytes)Donuts, coffee, a raffle (Hey! who won?), and lots of room for visiting too.

After all the solo events were done,   the  day's events concluded  with a performance from the Northwest MacGregor PB.

Judges: Colin Gemmil, Dani Brin, Duncan Millar

Chanter - slow Air - 3 in class
1: David Parker
2: Hackett Landesfeld

Adult - 7 in class
Slow Air
1: Dow Boyd
2: Diane Slenkamp
3: Chris Newton
1: Diane Slenkamp
2: Chris Newton
3: Dow Boyd

Grade 5 - any March - 4 in class
1: Brian Chriswell
2: Axel Yount

Grade 4 - 6/8 March - 6 in class
1: Andrew Pritchett
2: Matthew Maier
3: Connie Van Winkle

Grade 3 - Piobaireachd - 6 in class
1: Brittney-Lynn Otto
2: Emerson Dodge
3: Jason Thomas

Grade 2 - 2 in class
1 Marco Caturegli
1: Marco Caturegli

Grade 1 - Piobaireachd -6 in class
1: Liz Dunsire
2: Micah Babinski
3: Tyler MacDonald

Grade 4 - Any March - 4 in class
1: Randy White
2: Rebeccah Maier

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