We're holding a fund raising raffle - all money goes to Cancer Societies

All tickets have been sold - we have donated $5077 to charity!
(we overshot the 1000 number by just a bit.) click for the current status

All of the money collected will be given away - to three Cancer fighting charities.

Thanks to Scott Morton and David Marshall for the gererous gift of the bagpipes.

I guess we (Scott Morton, David Marshall, and Bob Dunsire) could just give our money to a  local Cancer society, but we hope to do a bit better than that with this fund raising raffle. I have no idea if this will work, but on the chance it might, we'll try..... (as they say about the turtle "he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out).

MBD-2c.jpg (10902 bytes)First prize:
a set of Morton Bagpipes, custom made for this fund raiser, donated by Scott Morton, with silverwork  donated by David Marshall.

Second prize:
$300 to be spent with  any Forum or Directory Sponsor.

Third prize:
$200 to be spent with  any Forum or Directory Sponsor.

Fourth prize:
$100 to be spent with  any Forum or Directory Sponsor.

Fifth and Sixth prize:
$50 to be spent with  any Forum or Directory Sponsor.

The drawing will take place on the 18th of April.


All money collected will be given to these Cancer fighting charities:

USA - American Cancer Society

Canada - Canadian Cancer Society

UK - the Marie Curie Cancer Care

I  will track the location of the people purchasing chances.  The money raised will be given away in a  pro-rated share to the 'sort of local' society. If, as an example, 50% of the chances are purchased by people from the USA, then 50% of the money collected will be given to the American Cancer Society.  For this fund raising, we will consider all non USA or Canadian chances as adding to the percentage given to the Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Tracking: I'm doing this gathering and tracking on my own. I do not plan to email a response for each  donation - the possibility of 1000 outgoing emails  is a bit intimidating for me. I will track every donation, and update the status on the Forums. When the time comes for the drawing, we'll put 1000 pieces of numbered paper in a box (hoping we sell 1000 chances), and have someone draw the prize numbers. We'll do this in public somewhere.
Purchasing:* We're done - THANKS so much for the support, this was amazing!  
Status updates: We'll use the Forums

We're done!
Click for the tracking / status web page.

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