Bagpiping - Photo of the Day - Friday

Why this photo? (or what?)
There is a story here.. it is piping related.. the story is below the photo..

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I've never even heard of anything like this (before):

A young girl playing the bagpipes (busking) on a public walkway, in the middle of a large shopping area in a city.  The acoustics are such, that in this downtown, everyone knows there is a piper  busking.

 After about an hour of this busking, (which has been very profitable for the piper) an old lady walking by starts screaming at the piper. The piper (still playing at this point) tries to ignores the screams, but the old lady jumps at the piper, and grabs the pipes from the startled  busker’s shoulder (this causes a little bleeding as the blow stick is jammed into then ripped out of the piper's mouth).  The old lady is hitting the piper and pushing her away, attempting (and nearly succeeding) to knock the piper to the ground.

The old lady then tries to break the drones (Full Silver Naills - the piper is really scared - big contest in Oban in 2 days!). Nearly instantly a spectator grabs the pipes from the lady, and confronts the old lady.  Other bystanders console the very shaken busker. The piper's dad returns about 30 seconds after this has occurred - the very strange 'cut off' alerted dad to the problem.

The police and security people are called, the lady is arrested and she (the old lady) is later charged with “Disturbing the peace” !!!  (Can you tell this happened in Scotland?).. and “Assault”. Yes, this crazy old lady's actions stop a piper from playing, and the crazy old lady is charged with the Scottish equivalent of "Disturbing the Peace" - I find this amusing...

A true story, city was Stirling, the busker was Alison Dunsire.  (BTW - daughter Alison is a very good piper - the lady was just crazy)

The photos - Downtown Stirling, Alison busking, and Alison's report being taken at our University of Stirling flat, by a very nice Scottish policeman .

The old lady was (is) truly crazy, and in fact had a warrant out for her arrest as she had attacked and punched a police woman just a few days before this.  She had also been assaulting other people downtown that same day. 

Alison was shaken, but not hurt. The pipes were fine, the Oban contest went OK.. and a week later Alison busked again - at the same spot.. sort of like getting back on the horse after a fall.

Unless noted otherwise, all of these photos were taken, and modified for this web page, by Bob Dunsire.