just for fun:

the Alison, Elizabeth and Joey Pipe Band

To the right we have the only photo taken of the only 'public' performance of the AE&J Pipe Band. (from the fall of 1994).

Pipe Major Alison Dunsire (10), Drum Sargent Elizabeth Dunsire (8), and Joey  (5 months), are captured during one of the precision marching segments of  their concert.

Yes, Joey is slightly out of step.

No amount of practise seemed to solve that problem he had keeping in step.

Left, LEFT?, right, right?. something about 4 legs?

Perhaps you're wondering about the bagpipes played by Pipe Major Alison?

You might wonder "Why Joey is out of uniform?"  

A bit embarrassing, but at the time the band was very short of funds, and  the band could not afford a uniform for Joey. As a result of this Joey chose to appear  in the concert, in the nude (I think it was a protest - but it was tastefully done).

Maybe you're curious about the drum played by Drum Sargent Elizabeth?
A fairly  unique instrument; Pakistani  drones, Little Mac blowstick, Canmore bag, regular corks, plastic practise chanter.  A very quiet sound!

Originally there was an ancient Buchanan background to this page - unfortunately, some web browsers get very confused with some types of  complex backgrounds - such as the one I was using. All the colors here were simply a way of matching 'most' of the colors in my family's tartan.

Who says plastic won't work on (as) drums?

Well, they sounded as 'good' as they looked!

Created 1/13/98 just for fun