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Scantily Plaid
"Just Checking In..."
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     Scantily Plaid's CD, Just Checking In..., is my favorite "Celtic" CD.  Bob Worrall is a great piper - and he and his band do a great job of mixing the pipes, singing (in Gaelic!), guitars, and drums all together.
     The best track, in my opinion, is number twelve, with "Suo Gan" and "The Big Parcel" - the small pipes, a harp, and guitar all together make "Suo Gan" beautiful (although I love that aire by itself), then "The Big Parcel" is nice and upbeat with the drums accompaning the smallpipes.
     My family actually got this CD at a silent auction - and I couldn't wait to hear it, just because Bob Worrall is the piper.  This CD is great - if you like celtic music, and Gaelic singing (cool!!).