from the collection
P. K. Dunsire


Here you will find photos, and some information for a few favourite cars from the collection of Ken Dunsire.

These web pages are not complete (perhaps they never will be), additional photos and information will be added in the near future - (He seems to find new and interesting cars fairly regulary)

In addition to sharing photos of these fine automobiles, another  goal of this web site is to have very fast web page and image loading.  To this end,  the images  you'll find here have  all been optimized, making a  trade of image quality for loading speed.

(Last updated: February 27, 2005)
Photos of 1941 model 113 updated.

Grahams #1: toy37t2.jpg (2523 bytes)
1931, 1934, 1935, 1937

(This image is from a photo of a 1937 SuperCharged Business Coupe, Model 116, with its little brother)

Grahams #2: 40s107t2.jpg (2938 bytes)
1940, 1941, 1941

(Photo is a 1940 SuperCharged Senior Model 107 Custom)

1959 Morgan "Plus Six: morgan1t.jpg (3886 bytes)

(It looks like a Morgan +4, but.... you'll be amazed!)

1940 Hollywood Convertible:1940convt1.jpg (3394 bytes)

(The only one known to exist!)

Chrysler Imperial Roadster: chrys1t.jpg (3046 bytes)
(A full CCCA classic and  one of only three known.)

Tow vehicle
towveht.jpg (2670 bytes)
45 foot Prevost Coach, converted by Vantare.
(Updated 12/02)

Art & collectibles:
ta1IMG_4370.jpg (3075 bytes)
(more coming soon)

Curious about the background from above? 
(It is from a  hubcap reflection of their home in Ft. Wayne)

taIMG_3480.jpg (2124 bytes) Click for a larger version of the source image. thumbhubcap.jpg (1739 bytes)Click for a clearer version of the background image (it was taken out of  the one on the left here.)

A photo from May 2002:
aIMG_9888.jpg (33419 bytes)
(daughter) Barbara, Ken, and (wife) Stephanie
Just one week after his successful  heart valve replacement surgery (!)

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