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Grahams #1


1931 Coupe 8 Cyl Model 120 

31c120bt.jpg (8653 bytes)This 8-cylinder 4-passenger Coupe with sidemounts and rumble seat is a 1932 First Series, manufactured in late 1931.

We believe it to be a very rare Model 49 and no other is known. The serial number confirms this.  It has received a total mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It has a 4-speed transmission with freewheeling, a trunk rack and trunk.

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1934 Convert. Coupe 8 Cyl. Model 67

31c120t.jpg (9986 bytes)This very rare 1934 8-cylinder Model 67 Convertible received a 100% restoration by Doug Greer, of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. It is a Senior AACA winner at Hershey, a Grand National Senior and won the AACA President’s Cup.

It is fully optioned with dual sidemounts, trunk rack and trunk, chrome head and taillights and dual horns.

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1935 Special Six Model 73

35s73t.jpg (9676 bytes)This 1935 Model 73 6-cylinder, 4-door sedan is a 100% restoration.

It is identical to my father’s car, even the color, which I drove while I was in High School.

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1937 S/C Business Coupe Model 116

37bct.jpg (8617 bytes)This 1937 Business Coupe is supercharged and has a custom radio, heater, overdrive, Graham Trippe lights and dual horns.

The engine and transmission were rebuilt by Doug Greer. It is cosmetically restored.

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