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Discussions with a couple of  PSWMs ( Piping Site Web Masters) reminded me that I have access to some statistics that might be of some value to PSWMs. I think the following is a reasonably accurate description of  piping web site viewers - (original data captured June 13th - some / appropriate data updated on November 3).

Did you ever wonder?  What browsers are most popular? What Operating Systems?  What screen sizes? Maybe the following can help answer some of those questions, and perhaps this can help you design, modify, support, or implement your piping web site.

Browsers - Operating Systems - Colours - Resolution - Rush Hour - JavaScript

(I will add a comment only where I think there might be some question as to the content)

Browsers (updated - Nov 2001)

bpwdbrowsers.gif (9635 bytes)

Operating Systems (Updated - Nov 2001)

bpwdopsys.gif (1708 bytes)


palette.gif (2142 bytes)

Screen Resolution

resolution.gif (3202 bytes)

Rush Hour

An explanation will help here... The time shown here is in fact the viewers' local time - Here we can tell that for this reporting interval  lunch time (12:00 noon and 1:00PM) was the most popular time to visit the Directory. The graph is not quite so detailed as the actual numbers: 12:00 has 6.96% of visits, and 1PM has 6.37%.

rushhour.gif (9081 bytes)

JavaScript (updated -  Nov 2001)

bpwdjavascr.gif (1969 bytes)


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