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About Bagpipes - From Universe of..
Ancient Bagpipes of Scotland
Andrew Lenz's Identifying Drone Reeds
Bagpipe Band Bass Drums (bd)
Bagpipe Iconography inventory in France
Bagpipe Images - Alan Keith
Bagpipes go to the Movies
Bagpipe Man - MacDougall pipes Dougie Forsyth
The Bagpipe in Europe and France
Bagpipe Paintings & Etchings - Aron Garceau
Bagpipe Solutions - John Cairns - Ontario
Bagpipe in Sweden (revival in th 1980s)
Bagpipe Tutorials - P/M Bill Robertson.
Bagpiping Who's Who - from Andrew Lenz
Band Equipment Loan Agreement - Andrew Lenz
Ceol Sean - Music books on CD + Museum
Chanter / Reed Combo Experiment - John Mitchell
Chris Hamilton's Piping Articles
Chris Hamilton Goodies (a bit in English)
GH Bagpipe and the Music - from Lismore
The Great Irish Warpipe
A Guide to Northumbrian Smallpipes
Half-Longs - Origin and meaning   (re: NSP)
IBagpipe - Adrian Melvin 
MacCrimmon Pipers of Skye - the book
Musical Instrument Makers Forum - Pipe Making +
Pipe Bands Associated with Educational Institutions
Pipe Bands and Highland Games Map (North America - for sale) 
Pipe Bands of South Africa
Pipers' Dictionary - Andrew Lenz
PipeShow Igor Sandere - pictures, pipe making +  
Prosono International - South Africa - Wood supplier 
Royal Canadian Army Cadets Lesson Plans (PB drill, piping, drumming)
Rhythmic Fingerwork - Jim McGillivray
Ringo's Bagpipe Place
RootsWorld  - Bagpipes of the World
El Sac de Gemecs  (In Catalan)
School of Piping P/M Brett Tidswell - Australia
Swedish Bagpipes
Tartan searches
Technical Tips Links from Ewan MacPherson
The Truth about Rocket Reeds
The Universe of Bagpipes
World's Championship results - all grades 1991-1997
World Pipe Band Championship Results 1947-1998
Zampogna- from Calamus

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How To...

Appreciate the Great Highland Bagpipe - Andrew McNabb
Bagpipe Project - John Brock
Become a Rotten Piper - Andrew Lenz
Buy a Bagpipe - Ringo
Care and Maintenance of the GHB Chanter reed - Ringo
Choose a Bagpiper for Hire - Thomson Chew 
Circular Breathing from a Launeddas page
Electronic Bagpipe - science project from Mad Lab
Hemp Tuning Pins - Andrew Lenz
Identifying Drone Reeds
Making Bagpipes & -
Making Bagpipes - Casey Burns
Making a Sheepskin Bag - Chis Eyre
Build a check-valve for Highland pipes from Dennis Havlena
Build a quiet 'whisper chanter' from Dennis Havlena
Make a Kilt
Make Highland Pipes from PVC Pipe Dennis Havlena
Making a Water Manometer - Andrew Lenz
Construct pipe bags from naugahyde/vinyl Dennis Havlena
Piobaireachd Guide - from
Make Scottish Smallpipes - CPVC & Brass  Eric Reiswig
Reed Making - Andrew Lenz / Gordon Speirs
Reed Adjusting - Christian Davidsson
Seasoning a bag - Andrew Lenz
Shepherd Drone Adjustment - Andrew Lenz
Tying / Making Bagpipe Drone Cords - Andrew Lenz 
Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Guide

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History of..

The Bagpipe in Nova Scotia - from Barry Shears
The Book of the Bagpipe
Evolution of the GHB / Bagpipe History - from Henderson Imports
The Great Highland Bagpipes Henrico Lumeij
History of the B.C Pipers' Association
History of the Marching Snare Drum - from Flint Percussion
History of Pipe Bands in Sydney & NSW - Australia
Irish Guards Pipe Majors     (great photos, Brian Boru pipes too)
World Pipe Band Championships -  history 1947-1998

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BC Pipers' Association Piobaireachd Club Piobaireachd Forum)  - Barnaby Brown
Piobaireachd, explanation of the art from Lismor
Piobaireachd Dot Com - NZ
Piobaireachd Society (The)  (UK)
Piobaireachd Society of Central Pennsylvania
Piobaireachd Society of New Zealand
Piobaireachd Recording Index -  Wayne Morrison
Rochester Piobaireachd - NY Club

The Pipers Press The MacCrimmon Legend, or the Madness of Angus MacKay

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EUSPBA - The Voice
Highland Gathering 
Piper and Drummer Magazine (from Ontario)
The Piping Times
Piping Today - (from the Piping Centre)
Tartan & Green - Irish PBA
U.S. Scots Magazine

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