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Piper's Information - Overseas - Pipers for Hire
Peter Anderson - S/E England
Robert Ash - England
Scotty Birse - Scotland
Paul Boness - UK
Dave Brooks - UK
Donald Brown - UK (Sussex)
Jim Brown - Scotland
Malcom (Ted) Brown-Scott - (Scotland)
Richard Butler Northumbrian Pipes - UK
Robbie Byrne - NW England
Iain Carr Adelaide, South Australia
Marie Le Cam - Brittany  (in French)
Stuart Cassells - Scotland
Pauline Cato  UK
Jim Caution - UK
Mark Chesman - UK (Scunthorpe)
Neil Clark - Scotland
Lindsay Davidson - Scotland
Roderick Deans - Scotland
Cameron Edgar - UK (Yorkshire)
Roy Espiritu - Philippines
Chris Eyre - England
Richard Fairnie - Scotland
Pello Garcia - Spain (Galician Gaita)
Alan Gagan - NW England 
Steven Guthrie - England
Duncan Hamilton - Scotland
Alan Harrison - SE England
John Haywood Herbert - England
Jose Angel Hevia (in Spanish - under construction?)
Lars Hørl - Denmark (in Danish)  
Dixie Ingram - UK
Barry Johnson - Scotlan (Fife)
Geoff Jones - Australia
Benne de Jong - Holland
Christy  Kelly - Scotland
Sharon  Kelly - Scotland
Krassimir Kondov - Bulgaria (Gaida)
Joeb Koppenrade - Holland
Shane Lillis Ireland
Donald Lindsay - Scotland
Alasdair MacDonald - UK (Cumbria) 
Harry MacFadyen - England 
Pietro Malaguti - Italy
Martin Mckay - UK
Alasdair MacDonald - (Cumbria) England 
John Mackintosh - Scotland
Duncan Mcclurg - Germany
Phil McConnel- NW England
Bryce McCulloch - Scotland
Kevin McLean - Scotland
Eric D. McLewis - France
Jimi McRae - UK - (Highland, Lowland, Borders ...)
Piper Alvyn - Belgium
Cornemusier Alvyn - France
Derek Millmoor - NE England
Kevin Monahan - Cyprus
Calum Mor - UK
Scott Morton - UK
Philipp Muheim - Switzerland
Gerald Muirhead - Japan
Neil Mulligan - Ireland (Uilleann)
Carlo Musitelli - Italy
Renaud Olgiati - Paraguay
Dirk Otten - Belgium
Brian Peters UK 
Robert Pearce - Australia
Karl-H. Quoss - Germany (in German)
Stuart Peters - Scotland
Ralf Pfestorf - Germany
Pipers of Mann - Scotland
Richard Powell - England
Alan Prentice - Scotland
Jurgen Rech - Germany (in German)
Douglas Rennie - Scotland
John Roarty - Scotland
Christian Roberts - France
Niels Christian (Mac) Rossel - Denmark
Steve Scholte Holland
Paul Selwood - England
Mike Simmons - England
Barry Steele - England
Matt Seattle (Border pipes)  - Scotland
Solo Piper (?) - NE England
Erwan Le Sommier - France (in French)
Max Stewart - UK
Hag Taylor - UK (York)
Thistle Piping - Aberdeenshire - Scotland
Dr. Bruce Thomson - Scotland
James Thornhill - Australia
Kathryn Tickell - Northumbrian piper - UK(?)
Justus Twele - Germany
Jordi Vallverdú - Catalan
PM David Waterton-Anderson - UK (North Yorkshire)
Robert Watt - Northern Ireland
Iain Westgate - Western Australia
John Winter - UK
Sebastiano Nanè Zampognaro in Sicilia
Keith Thomas, The Piperman - North Yorkshire
Duncan Hamilton, The Highland Piper - Lincolnshire
Ross Bates - Australia
Wedding-Pipers.com - Lancashire UK

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Pipers for Hire - (more than 1) Group or Agency
Rest of the World (most pipe bands may be hired  too)
Ayrshire Bagpipe Company Scotland
BagpipersforHire.co.uk - UK
Bagpiper Online - Scotland
International Highlanders - England
Kellypipers - Scotland
Mitchell Kilt Hire & Wedding Pipers New Zealand 
Pipergram International - UK
Piping Connections - Scotland
Scotia Pipers - Scotland
Scottish Ceilidh Bands & Pipers UK
Scottish Pipes & Drums - California 

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Lists of Pipers and Pipers' Pages :
Ewan Macpherson's list
Georgia Pipers Directory
Highland Bagpipe Directory VA, WV, MD, PA
Na Píobairí Uilleann Pipers Links

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Piper's Biography

Neil Dickie - by Scott Williams  
George Findlater  VC- the Hero of Dargai
Alasdair Gillies - by Scott Williams 
Jack Lee - by Scott Williams 
John Ban Mackenzie from Highlanderweb
Robert Worrall - by Scott Williams 

Scott Williams list of articles (many biographies) 

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