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Other Bagpipes

The Asturian Pipe - Spain
Ancestral Instruments (David Marshall)
Le Bagad Ar Meilho Glaz
The Bagpipes of Poitou - Breton Bagpipes
Balkanfolk.com - sales - CDs, Gaida +
Balkan Music; A personal Journey  (CD too)
Bulgarian Kaba Bagpipe lessons
Bulgarian Folk Musical Instruments (Gaida) 
Bulgarian Folk Instruments (from Lark in the Morning) 
CALL OF DUDY: Bohemian BagpipesCzech/Bohemian Bagpipes
Calamus International Association (Zampogna)
Circolo della Zampogna (Italy)
Croatia, Poland, Lithuania and Gipsy Music  (CDs)
The Estonian Bagpipe
Franz Mettauer Sackpfeyffer (Austria)
Gaida.com - Bulgaria
Galician Bagpipes - Spain
Högfeldt - Swedish Bagpipes - Sweden
Hungarian Bagpipes on the Internet - Duda
The Mezoued (Mezonad)
Polish Bagpipes
Russian - Bagpipe.ru
Sonneurs  (French)  from Brittany
Swedish (Dalarnian) Bagpipes
Ukrainian Wind Instruments/volynka  volynka
The Universe of Bagpipes
Thorsten's Bagpipe Pages - German / Austrian pipes 
World of Music - Romania (CD)
Circolo della Zampogna 

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Northumbian BP

Northumbian & Scottish Smallpipes Richard & Anita Evans
Northumbian Smallpipes UK
Ray Sloan Traditional Instruments - UK

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Uilleann BP - Clubs, Organizations, ...

B.C. Ullieann Pipers' Society
Irish Pipers Club  (Washington)
NA PÍOBAIRÍ UILLEANN (The Uilleann Pipers) Ireland
Uilleann Obsession.com California
Winnipeg Pipers Circle - Manitoba, smallpipes

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Uilleann  BP

Alan Ginsberg - Uillean Pipes Home PageWales
Johnson's Uilleann Pipes Site
Kevin Rowsome - 5 generations of
Leirum Instruments - Martin Nolan - Ireland
Ray Sloan Traditional Instruments - UK
Seth Gallagher's Uilleann.Com Irish Bagpipes
Todd Denman -  Uilleann Piper
Uilleann Bagpipe MIDI page  
Uilleann Obsession.com
Uilleann Pipers' Email list
Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Guide
Uilleann Pipes - FAQ
Uilleann Pipe Information List
Uilleann Pipe Discography & Tune Index

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