Banda de Gaira A Follateira - Galicia
O Curruncho de Jose J. Presedo
Royal Bagpipe Band of the County Council of Ourense  
Sons da Galiza

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Alba Pipe Band - Germany 
Andreas Rogge Pipemaker - Uilleann
Ayrshire Bagpipe Company - Scotland   
Bagad Kemperle  *
Bagpipe, dudelsack, Sackpfeife und co
Baul Muluy Pipes & Drums
Beatrix Pipe Band
Berlin Pipe Company Scottish Pipes & Drums - Germany
Bodo Schulz - Bagpipe manufacturing
City of Baden-Baden Ppes and Drums - Germany
City of Basle Caledonia Pipe Band - Switzerland
Clan Pipers Frankfurt & District Pipe Band   HOF WSOY!
Cologne Caledonian Pipe Band
Concord Hall Pipe Band - Netherlands
Crest of Gordon Pipe Band
The Drummer's Nest
Drums & Pipes Dreiborn
Dudeldorf Lion Pipes & Drums
Dudelsäcke, Sackpfeifen, Bagpipes
Ehinger Pipes & Drums
Eh um Bhrai -
German Pipeband Competition Commitee
Glaronia Pipes and Drums - Switzerland 
Happy German Bagpipers
Highland Dragon Pipe Band - Germany
Highland Piper - Jurgen Rech
Highland Pipes and Drums of Waldsee
Hohenlohe Highlanders - Germany 
Philipp Muheim 
Onion Pipers Pipes & Drums
Owl Town P&D Band - Germany
Bagpiper Ralf Pfestorf - Germany
Pillersee-Pipers - Austria (Tyrolean)
Pipes & Drums of Basel - Switzerland
Pipes and Drums of Brunswiek - Germany
P & D Of The Lucerne Caledonians Switzerland
Jurgen Ross, Dudelsackbau (missing? April)
Rhine Area Pipes & Drums
Royal Scots Pipes and Drums K.F.Flieden - Germany
Saarland -Bagpipes
Scottish Supplies Oliver Thinius Germany
Strasser Garde Club
Targe of Gordon e.V. - Germany
Thorstens Sackpfeifen-Seiten 
Vienna Pipes - Austria 
The Wallace Pipeband Belgium 
Werl Pipes & Drums e. v. - Germany
1st. Sauerland Pipes and Drums

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Na Píobairí Uilleann NPU Pipes

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Ancia A Manovella - Italy
BIG (Bagpipe Italian Group) la cornamusa scozzese - Italy
La bottega dell'antica quercia

Celtic Store - Italy
City of Rome Pipe Band
ECS Associazione Culturale ONLUS  
Italian zampogna and Switzerland volk musik
Carlo Musitelli - Italy
Pietro Malaguti - Italy
PitPage - Sardinian Cane Reedmaker

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Irish Uilleann Pipes
Ramsay Pipe Band
Yoshifumick Og MacCrimmori's Highland Pipe Corner

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(darn.. the one site we had went away)

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Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band
- Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band - New Page - Norway

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