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U.S.A. - Civilian
Not West:

42nd Royal Highlanders Band of Music - Indiana
American Celts Pipes and Drums - NJ
Ancient City Pipes & Drums - Florida
Akron & District Pipe Band - Ohio
American Celtic Pipe Band - NY
Ancient Order of Hibernians P&D - NH
Ancient Pipes and Drums of Milford - CT
Atholl Highlanders U.S.A - Georgia
Baltimore city Pipe Band MD
Berkshire Highlanders Pipe Band - MA
Alabama Pipes & Drums - AL
Baton Rouge Caledonian Pipes and Drums - Louisiana
Black Bear Caledonia Pipe Band - Ohio
Black Sheep Pipes and Drums Ohio
Blackthorn Pipeband - NY
Brian Boru Pipe Band - MA 
Brian Boru Pipes and Drums - PA
Broome County Celtic Pipes & Drums   NY
Catamount Pipe Band - VT 
Campbell Highlanders - MA
Capitol City Highlanders Pipe Band - TX
Capital City Pipes Drums and Dancers - Ohio
Carolina Memorial Pipes & Drums - NC
Celtic Thunder Pipes & Drums - MA
Ceol Mor Pipe and Drum Band - PA
Ceól Néamh Pipe Band - PA
Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums of Danbury - CT
Celtic Cross Pipe Band - VA
Celtic Eagle Pipe Band - Ohio
Celtic Flame Pipe Band - Ohio
Celtic Nations Pipe Band - WI
Celtic Pipes and Drums - MI
Celtic Spirit Pipe Band - NY 
Celtic United Pipes & Drums - PA
Chattahoochee Celtic Pipes & Drums - GA
City of Sacramento Pipe Band - CA
City of Melbourne Pipes & Drums - Florida
City of Rockford Pipe Band - Illinois
City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums - Oklahoma
Clan Donald Pipes and Drums - Wisconsin
Clan MacAlpine Bagpipe Band - Illinois
Clan Ross Pipe Band - Connecticut
CuChullain Pipe Band - NJ
Dalriada Society Pipe Band - Indiana
Daytone Beach Pipes and Drums - FLorida (Gr V)
Pipes & drums of the Delaware Valley - Delaware
Duncan McCall Pipe Band - Florida
Dunlap Highland Band- Maine
Evansville Pipe Band -IN
Essex Shillelagh Pipes and Drums - NJ
Columcille School of Piping & Drumming - NJ (grade V)
Ft Wayne Scottish Pipes & Drums - Ind. (grade V)
Father of Waters Pipes & Drums - Misissippi 
Geauga Highlanders P&D - Ohio
Glen Erin Pipe Band - Michigan
Gordon Highlanders - NY
Gordon Pipers - Indiana
Grand Rapids & District Pipe Band - Michigan (grade V)
Greater Scranton Black Diamonds PB - PA
Greater Trenton Pipes & Drums - NJ
Greenwich Pipe BandCT
The Guard Pipes and Drums - NJ
Hamilton County Sheriff Pipe & Drum - Ohio
Heritage Pipes and Drums - Alabama 
Holyoke Caledonian Pipe & Drum Band - Mass
Iona College Pipe Band - NY
Irish American Club East Side Pipes & Drums - Ohio
Irish Heritage Pipe Band - Ohio 
Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums - PA
Jacksonville Pipes & Drums - FL
John F. Nicholl Pipe Band - MD
John Mohr MacKintosh Pipe Band - GA (grade V)
Kanawha Valley Pipes and Drums - WV
Kentucky United Pipe Band (grade 5)
Kilmarnock & District Pipe Band - VA
Knights of Columbus #126 Pipes and Drums - NY
Knoxville Pipes and Drums - TN   
Kyilindi Pipes & Drums - Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois 
Lai Fail Pipes and Drums - NJ
Long Ireland Pipes & Drums - NY
Lee County Pipes and Drums - Forida
Lubbock Pipe Band - Texas
MacCallum Highlanders Pipes & Drums Ohio
MacKay Bagpipe Band - PA
MacKenzie Highlanders' P&D - NY
Maine St. Andrew's Pipes and Drums - Maine
Manhattan College Pipes & Drums - NY
The University of Mary Washington - VA
Miami valley Pipes and Drums - Dayton, OH
Midland Highlanders - Michigan
Mississippi Sound Pipes & Drums
Monmouth College Pipe Band - Illinois
Myrtle Beach Regional Pipe Band - SC
Na Fianna Irish Pipe Band of Baltimore - MD
Nittany Highland Pipe Band - PA (grade V)
North Georgia Highland Brigade Pipes and Drums - GA
Northport Pipe and Drum Band - NY 
NYC Transit Pipes & Drums - NY
Ocean County Emerald Society P&D - NJ
Ozark Highlanders - AR
Palm Beach P&D - Florida 
Palmetto Pipes and Drums - South Carolina
Panama City Pipes & Drums Florida
Peconic Warpipes Bagpipes & Drums Inc. - NY
Pipers of the Plains - Kansas
P&D of the Atlantic Watch - NJ
P&D of the Highlanders of Oklahoma City - OK
P&D of the Jersy Shore Shillelaghs - NJ
P&D of Mercer University - Georgia
P&D of St. Brendan the Navigator - NJ (new site) 
Quaboag Highlanders Pipes & Drums - MA
Rocky Bay Pipe Band - Maine
Rosie O'Grady Highlanders - Florida   (grade V)
Royal Palm Highlanders - Florida (grade V)
Second Street Irish Society Pipes & Drums - PA
Shamrock Club Color Guard, Pipes & Drums - Wis.
Siol na'Heireann PB - NY
Scotch on the Rocks - CT  (rent a piper)
Scotland's Reign - PA
Shamrock and Thistle Pipes and Drums - NJ
Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums - TX
St. Anns of Hampton Pipes and Drum - NJ
St. Andrews Legion Pipes & Drums - VA
St. Andrew's Pipe Band of Vermont
St. Louis Irish Pipes and Drums - MO
Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums- IN
South Dakota Highlanders Pipe & Drum - SD
Springfield Kiltie  Band - MA 
Sword of Light PB I.B.E.W. - NY 
Taggart Pipes and Drums - Connecticut
Tampa Bay Pipes & Drums - Florida
Tara Pipes and Drums - NY
Transit Pipes and Drum - NY
Trenton AOH Pipe Band - NJ
Triad Highlanders - NC
Trinity College Pipes & Drums - Conn.
Tripoli Highlanders - Wisconsin
Tulsa's Anderson Pipe Band - OK
Turlach Ur Pipe Band- IA
University City Pipe Band - Florida (grade V)
Virginia Highlands Pipes and Drums - Virginia
Wantagh American Legion Pipe Band - NY
Washington Memorial Pipe Band - PA
Washington Scottish Pipe Band - DC
White Pine Pipes & Drums - Michigan

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U.S.A. - Civilian - West:

Albeni Falls Pipes & Drums of North Idaho
Arboath Pipes & Drums - OK 
Boise Highlanders Pipe Band - Idaho
Border Highlander Drums & Pipes- Idaho
Capital City Highlanders Pipe Band - Texas
Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii
Desert Skye P&D - Nevada
El Jebel Shrine P&D - Colorado
Gold Coast Pipe Band - California
Hawaiian Thistle Pipe Band
Helix Charter High School Pipe Band - CA
Jefferson Pipe Band - California
Kells Irish Pips & Drums - Oregon
Lone Star Pipe Band - Texas
Montana Highlanders Association
Montana Highlanders Pipe Band
Mount Timpanogos Pipe Band - Utah
Michael Collins Pipes & Drums - Colorado
Northwest Junior PB - Washington
Oklahoma City Highlanders - OK
Olympia Highlander PB -  Washington
Oregon Trail Pipe Band - Oregon (Brien Boru pipes)
Paso del Norte Pipes & Drums - Texas
Piedmont Highlanders Drums & Pipes - California
River City Pipe Band - Oregon
Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band - Minnesota
Ruby Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band - Nevada
San Antonio Pipes and Drums - Texas
Santa Cruz Pipes &Drums - California
Shorecrest High School Pipe Band - Washington
Stuart Highlanders - California
Stewart Tartan Pipes and Drums California
Stroller White Pipes & Drums   - Alaska
Stirling Bridge Pipe Band - California
Tehachapi Mountain Pipes and Drums - California
Universty of Iowa Scottish Highlanders
Westwind Pipe Band - Colorado
White Peaks Pipe Band - Utah
42nd Highlanders Regimental P&D - Calfornia

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U.S.A. - Military / Police / Fire:

Albany Police Pipes and Drums - N.Y.
B&D of the Emerald Society Chicago PD - Illinois
Bergen County Firefighters P & D - N.J.
Boone County Fire District P&D - MO
Boston Police Gaelic Column of P&D - MA
Brevard Police and Fire Pipes and Drums - FL
Camden County Emerald Society P & D - NJ
Cape Atlantic Police & Fire - NJ
Carolina Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society - NC
Charlotte Fire Department Pipe Band - NC
Chelsea Fire Pipes and Drums - MA
Pipes & Drums of the Chicago Police Dpt. - Ill.
Citadel Pipe Band - South Carolina
City of Charleston Police Pipes and Drums - S.C.
Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums - Ohio
Connecticut Firefighters Pipes & Drums
District of Columbia Fire Department Emerald Society P&D - DC
Emerald Society Firefighters of Washington - DC.
Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums of Greater Baltimore - MD
FDNY Emerald Society P&D
FOP Irish Warpipe Band - NY
The Fort Wayne Firefighters Pipe & Drum Corps - IN
Fort Wayne Police Pipe and Drum Brigade - IN
Gates Keystone Club Police Pipes & Drums - Gates, NY
Georgetown Fire Department Pipes & Drums - Texas
Greater Pittsburgh Police Emerald Society Pipes & Drums - PA
Hudson Valley Regional Police P&D - NY
Illinois Police Emerald Society
Indiana Emerald Society
Indiana Firefighters Pipe Band
Irish American Police Pipe Band - MA
Kenosha Area Pipes and Drums Association - Wisconsin
Pipes and Drums of Lake County - Indiana
Leatherneck Pipes & Drums  N.J. (USMC)
Los Gatos - Monte Sereno Police Pipes and Drums - CA
Louisville Fire and Rescue Pipes & Drums - Louisville, Kentucky
Manchester Regional Police & Fire P&D - Con.
Marion County Sheriff's Pipes and Drums - FL
Massachusetts State Police Pipes & Drums - MA
Metro Detroit Police/Fire Pipes & Drums
Middlesex County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums - NJ 
Minnesota Police Pipe Band
Montgomery County FF Pipes & Drums - MD
Muskegon Regional Police Pipes & Drums - Michigan
Nassau County Firefighters Emerald Society P&D - NY
New Haven Hose Co. Pipe Band - PA
New Haven County Firefighters' Emerald Society - CT
New London Firefighters Pipes & Drums - CT
Newport News Police Pipe and Drum Corp - Virginia
NY City Department of Corrections Pipe Band - NY
NY City Police Department Emerald Society P&D
NY Shields Pipes and Drums
NYC VolunteerFirefighters Pipe Band
Orange County Fire Authority P&D - Cal.
Oregon State Defense Force Pipe Band - Oregon
Orlando Firefighters Pipes and Drums - FLA
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Pipes and Drums - Fla.
Pipes & Drums of the Cleveland Police - Ohio
Pipes & Drums, USCC Army Corps of Cadets
Police Pipe & Drum Corps of Florida
Police Pipes & Drums of Morris County NJ
Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury - CT
Port Authority Police Pipes & Drums - NY/NJ
Rockland County Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums - NY
Rhode Island Professional Firefighters Pipers & Drums
Signal Regiment Vetrans Memorial Pipe Band - WA
St. Louis Area Firefighters Highland Guard - MO
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Pipes and Drums - Oregon
U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band - Florida
USNA Pipes and Drums - Maryland
Virginia Scots Guards - VA
Washington DC Regional Police Pipe Band
Westchester County Police P&D - NY
Western Pennsylvania Firefighters Memorial Honor Guard P&D

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