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Ontario & East:

Atlantic Region Cadets P&D - Nova Scotia +
Barrie Pipes and Drums - Ontario
Black Watch Association Pipes & Drums - Nova Scotia
Black Watch of Canada - Pipes & Drums - Quebec
Branch 23 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band - Ontario .
Branch 28 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band - Ontario
Brantford Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa - Ontario
Celtic Blue Highlanders- Ontario
City of Brockville Pipe Band - Ontario
City of Thorold Pipe Band - Ontario
Dundas Pipes and Drums - Ontario
Dunvegan (Girls) Pipes and Drums - Nova Scotia
Elgin and District Pipes and Drums - Quebec
Gordon  Pipes and Drums of Smith Falls - Ontario
Grey County Highlanders Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Highland Mist Pipe Band - Ontario
Ingersoll Pipe Band - Ontario
Innisfil Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Kimberley Pipe Band - BC
Milligan Memorial PB - Ontario
Milton & District Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Ontario Fire Service Memorial P&D - Ontario
Owen Sound and District Pipe Band - ON
Pipes & Drums of the Black Watch  - Quebec
Pipes & Drums of St. Andrew's College - Ontario
Richmond Hil Centennial Pipe Band - Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Br 43 Pipe Band - Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 163 Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Br 66 Pipe Band - Ontario
Montreal RCMP Pipes and Drums (C-Division) - Montreal
RCMP "E" Division Pipe Band - BC
RCMP 'H' Division Pipes & Drums - Nova Scotia
RCMP Pipes & Drums Ontario
Royal Scots O'Mocha Pipes & Drums - Ontario
St. Andrews Mississauga Pipe Band - Ontario
Scarborough Pipe Band - Ontario
Scarborough Red Hackle Pipes & Drums - Ontario
Simonds Lions Caledonian Pipe Band - NB
Teeswater Highlanders - Ontario
Toronto Fire Services - Pipes and Drums - Ontario
Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums - Ontario
Town of Mississippi Mills Pipe Band - Ontario
White Heather Pipes & Drums - Ontario
14 Wing Pipe Band -  Nova Scotia
2RCR Pipes and Drums - New Brunswick
33rd Halifax Pipes & Drums - NS
413 Air Force Association Pipes and Drums - Ontario
48th Highlanders of Canada P & D - Ontario

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Manitoba & West:

ANAVETS  Unit #283 Pipeband  Manitoba
Calgary Police Service PB - Alberta
Campbell River - Royal Canadian Legion PB - BC
Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band - BC  
Clan MacNaughton Pipe Band - Alberta 
Clansman Pipe Band - BC
Comox Valley Pipe Band Society - BC
Delta Police Pipe Band - BC
Pipes and Drums of the Edmonton Police Service - Alberta
... Edmonton Police Service PB - (police site) 
Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band - BC
Innisfail Legion Pipe Band - Alberta
JP Fell Pipe Band - BC
Kootenay Kiltie Pipe Band - BC
Kimberley Pipe Band - BC 
Mt. Arrowsmith Pipe Band - BC
Midnight Sun Pipe Band - Yukon
City of New Westminster Pipe Band
North Saskatchewan Regimental Pipes & Drums
Pipes and Drums of the Edmonton Police Service - Alberta
Prince Albert Highlanders Pipes & Drums - Saskatchewan
Quesnel Pipes and Drums - BC
Regimental Pipes and Drums of Lord Strathconas Horse - Alberta
Regina Police Service Pipes and Drums - Saskatchewan
RCMP "E" Division Pipe Band - BC
RCMP Regina Pipes and Drums - Sask
St. James Gate Pipe Band - Alberta
Sherwood Park Pipes & Drums - Alberta
South Alberta Pipes & Drums
University of Calgary Pipe Band - Alberta
Vancouver Police Pipe Band - B.C.
Winnipeg Police Pipe Band - Manitoba
1 RCHA Pipes and Drums - Manitoba
402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron Pipes and Drums - Manitoba
570 Halifax Pipes & Drums - Alberta

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Banda de Gaitas del Batallón de San Patricio

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South America

Andes Highlanders Pipe Band - Chile
Highland Thistle Pipe Band - Argentina
South American Piping Association - Argentina
St. Andrew's Society of the River Plate PB - Argentina

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Overseas (or not North America):

38th District Pipes and Drums - Germany

Alba Pipe Band - Germany (not in English) 
Batavorum Pipes & Drums - Netherlands
Baul Muluy Pipes & Drums   Germany (English & US! information)
Beatrix Pipe Band - Netherlands
Bergen Pipe Band - Norway
Berlin Pipe Company Scottish Pipes & Drums - Germany
Black Kilts – Berlin Pipes And Drums - Germany
Cavanaleck Pipe Band - Northern Ireland
City of Baden-Baden Ppes and Drums - Germany (not in English) 
City of Basle Caledonia Pipe Band - Switzerland (not in English)
City of Rome Pipe Band  - Italy
Clan Macbeth Pipe Band - Netherlands
Cologne Caledonian Pipe Band - Germany
Coriovallum Pipe Band - Netherlands
Crest of Gordon Pipe Band  - Germany
Czestochowa Pipes & Drums - Poland (not in English)
Dalhousie Pipe Band - Switzerland
City of Dresden Pipes & Drums - Germany
Dudeldorf Lion Pipes & Drums - Germany (not in English)
Durban Regiment Pipe Band - South Africa
Drumnadrochit Piping - Belgium
Drums & Pipes Dreiborn - in German 
Dubai Pipe Band 
Edinburgh Postal Pipe Band - Scotland
Fanř Pipes and Drums Denmark (not in English)
Fettes College Pipes & Drums - Scotland
East Hills Scout Pipes & Drums - Australia
Ehinger Pipes & Drums Germany  (not in English)
Ghent District Highlanders - Belgium
Gibraltar Sea Scouts Pipe Band 
Glaronia Pipes and Drums - Switzerland  (not in English)
Graham Lowlanders P&D - Netherlands
Hague Highland Pipe Band - Netherlands
1st Hamrun Pipe Band - Malta
Herivvarda District Pipes and Drums -Netherlands
Helsinki Pipes and Drums- Finland
Highland Dragon Pipe Band - Germany
Highland Pipes and Drums of Waldsee Germany
Highland Valley Pipes & Drums - Netherlands (not in English)
Hohenlohe Highlanders - Germany (not in English)
Israeli Pipe Band - Israel
Israel Pipes & Drums
Jackson's Pipe Band - Malta GC
Lowland Brigade Pipe Band - Netherlands (not in English)
Moscow & District Pipe Band - Russia
Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothernburg - Sweden
Onion Pipers Pipes & Drums - Germany (not in English) 
Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band - Norway
Pillersee-Pipers - Austria (Tyrolean)
Pipes & Drums of Basel - Switzerland
Pipes and Drums of Brunswiek - Germany (not in English)
Pipes and Drums of Geneva - Switzerland
P & D Of The Lucerne Caledonians Switzerland (not in English)
Pipes and Drums of Zurich - Switzerland
PMB Callies Pipe Band - South Africa
The Rebel Pipers Pipes and Drums - Czech Republic
Red Eagle - Tyrolean Pipe Band - Austria
Rhine Area Pipes & Drums - Germany (not in English)
Roskilde Pipe Band Denmark
Royal Air Force of Oman - Pipes and Drums
Royal Scots Pipes and Drums K.F.Flieden - Germany   (not in English)
Saendistrict Pipes & Drums - Holland (not in English)
St. Andrews Pipeband Rotterdam
St. Andrew's Piping Society - Netherlands
Saint Anthony Pipe Band - Netherlands
Seaforth Highlanders of Holland Memorial P&D - Netherlands 
Somme Battlefield Pipe Band - France
South African Irish Regiment Pipe Band
Strasser Garde Club - Germany 
Swiss Midland Pipe Band - Switzerland
Targe of Gordon e.V. - Germany  (not in English)
Teutonia Pipe Band - Germany
Thistle Pipe Band - Sweden
Thunderstruck Pipers - Germany
Vienna Pipes - Austria (no in English)
The Wallace Pipeband Belgium (not in English)
1st Bohemian Highland Pipers - Czech Republic  (VERY slow to load)
1st. Sauerland Pipes and Drums - Germany   (not in English)
48th Highlanders of Holland

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UK + Ireland:

Ampleforth Pipe Band - UK
Balmoral Highlanders - UK
Buckie & District Pipe Band - Scotland
City of Exeter Pipe Band
City of Leeds Pipe Band
City of York Pipe Band - England
Coldstream Pipe Band - Scotland
Cornwall Caledonian Pipe & Drum Band - England
Cunninghame Piping Society - Scotland
De La Salle Scout Pipe Band - Ireland
Eastbourne Scottish Pipe Band - England
Edinburgh Postal Pipe Band & Dancers - Scotland
Gilnahirk Pipe Band - N. Ireland
The Green Hackle Pipe Band - England
Harbour Pipes and Drums - UK
Harpenden Pipe Band - UK
Irish Air Corps Pipe Band - Ireland
Islay Pipe Band - Scotland
Isle of Cumbrae RBLS Pipe Band - Scotland
Kintyre School Pipe Band - Scotland
Lerwick Royal British Legion Pipe Band - UK
Melrose Pipe Band - Scotland
Mid Argyll Pipe Band - Scotland
Milngavie PB - Scotland
Mull and Iona Piping Society  - Scotland
Newport Pipes and Drums - Wales
North Devon Pipes & Drums 
Northfield Caledonia Pipes & Drums - U.K.
Oakleaf Pipes & Drumes - Northern Ireland
Pipes and Drums of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers - Scotland
Ringwood Pipe Band - U.K.
City Of Rochester Pipe Band - UK
Rose and Thistle Pipes and Drums England
Seaforth Highlanders Pipes & Drums - UK
Shirley Pipe Band - England
Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band - England
Stromness RBL Pipe Band - Scotland
Sutherland Pipes and Drums - England
The Pipes and Drums of the Wessex Highlanders - Somerset
Thomas Davis Pipe Band - Ireland
Thurso Pipe Band - Scotland
Wessex Highlanders - England
Wick RBLS Pipe Band - Scotland
Wick Girls Pipe Band - History
102 Battalion Pipe Band - UK

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Auckland Police Highland Pipe Band - New Zealand
Cambridge and Districts Pipe Band - New Zealand
Canberra City Pipes and Drums - Australia
City of Casey Pipe Band - Australia
Drones & Sticks Pipe Band - New Zealand
East Hills Scouts P&D - Australia
Hong Kong Pipe Band
Hong Kong St. Andrew's Pipe Band - Hong Kong
Hornsby RSL Pipe Band - Australia
Kwajalein Pipes & Drums - Republic of the Marshall Islands
Manly Warringah Pipe Band - Australia
New Zealand Police Pipe Band - New Zealand
Oriental Pipes & Drums - Hong Kong
Pipes & Drums of the Signals Association - New Zealand
Ramsay Pipe Band - Japan
Ringwood Pipe Band - Australia
RSA Taieri Pipe Band - New Zealand
RVR Pipes and Drums - Australia
Tokyo Pipe Band - Japan
413 Regional Cadet Unit Pipes & Drums - Australia

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