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1953 - 2006
the Forums at bobdunsire.com - Discussion forums for Piping, Drumming, Pipe Bands,  Dance, Music, and more. Now over 1,000,000 visits a month, and still growing - come see why this is by far the most popular piping site on the 'net. (since 2001)

the Bagpipe Web Directory - the original, with over 4000 current bagpipe related links. The second most popular piping destination on the Net! (since 1998)

Fund Raising Raffle  - April 2005 - A total of $5077 was donated to the three Cancer Fighting Charities!. Thanks so much for the support!

Piping Photo of the Day - 5 years of ArchivePiping Photo of the Day - In nearly 5 years we exceeded 2,000,000 visits (!).  Retired now, but there is an archive of all the photos.

Western Piping Contest Results - An archive of official results of BCPA and WPA contests (and more) from 1997 to  2006. (retired from this in June 2006)

Forum Badge - We had a contest, selected a winner, and now we have an 'official Forum Badge' available for purchase

Ninenote - a few photo albums.

PK Dunsire - some of the  cars in my dad's collection

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